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Erica Barajas is a community-based printmaker currently working with relief and screen prints out of the Compound Studios in Emeryville, California. Her prints have been exhibited in California, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Florida, and Ontario. Erica has a BFA in Printmaking from Western Michigan University, an MA in Science Education from UC Santa Cruz, and a BA in Evolution and Ecology with a Studio Art Minor from UC Davis.

artist statement

Do we have the capacity to understand the complexity of the systems and dynamics within which we operate? Our world is composed of networks- biological, social, physical, and informational. I find inspiration in the organic patterns that emerge all around us. I enjoy learning more about those who came before me, passing on what I’ve learned about printmaking to others, and slowly exploring what it means to be an artist and a community-minded citizen of the Earth.

While earning my BFA, I learned traditional printmaking methods such as intaglio, lithography, screen printing, and wood and linoleum relief. I have come to understand the essence of printmaking to be the repetitive process of transferring data from an original matrix to another surface, which can include performance, sculpture, and installation as well as traditional methods.

Subjects of current interest include life cycles in nature, grief, acceptance, and ancestry. I aspire to connect with other artists and creators, continuing to deepen my artistic practice and share my passion for creative expression.


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